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Artistix Maintenance is a full service cleaning company that has been serving the lower mainland for 15
years now.    We pride ourselves in the quality of work and value that we offer.   We hope that you find this website helpful in making some of your business decisions.  If you have any questions dont hesitate to call.  Tom Fedichin from Artistix Maintenance 604-937-1110.

            Commerical                               Residential                               Strata                     

Services Offered:   -Pressure Washing (maximum height 4 stories using man lift)
                                                 -Window Cleaning.  We offer both window squeegeeing or tuckerpoling 

                                                 -Gutter Cleaning.  We offer seasonal maintenance programs.  We also offer 
                                                                                             innovative solutions for your gutter problem areas.
-Rubbish Removal.  We offer a wide array of pricing depending on what  
   is being removed.

                                                 -Line Painting:  Parking lot line painting.  We also can reconfigure your lot if

-Snow removal and Salting Services:     We offer snow removal services and 
                                                                                                                                             salting services.  Book now for next 
                                                                                                                                             winters season.

 We are a fully insured company with:     -$5 Million dollars of liability insurance 
                                                                                               - Full WCB Coverage

 If you have any questions feel fee to contact Tom Fedichin at:

604-937-1110 Home/Office     email
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