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Cleaners and Products
At Plan-It Artistix we have been on the look out for the very best products today on the market.  We have targeted the very best products available and we have had them made for us.   So when you buy a Plan-It product you are getting the products that we have used for the last 15 years.    We use what we sell.  I will detail the products available below.  If there is a need for any of these products feel free to call the number below to order.

Plan-It  House Wash:    This is a product that is used for a variety of cleaning purposes.  Its main purpose is for the use of cleaning vinyl siding.  This product is widely used in the auto cleaning industry, awning cleaning business, semi-truck cleaning as well Plan-It was is used as a degreaser.

Plan-It wash is made with a waxy coating product inside.   The benifits of this is it leaves a nice clean waxy finish onto the surface that is being cleaned.  So in most cases our customers will tell us the window cleaning is fine after we have pressure washed their house.  The reason is Plan-It wash dissolves the dirt and grime off of the house and leaves a nice clean finish behind.  This product comes in a concentrated form and needs to be diluted down after your initial purchase.    This product is great for those who like to brush wash their vinyl siding as Plan-It wash will do the hard work for you as it dissolves the dirt down after applying.  Feel free to contact us directly on the how properly use this product for your application.

Its environmentally friendly and biodegradeable.  

Plan-It  Gutter Wash:   This product is a heavy duty degreaser that is designed to get out those stain lines that are on the exterior of your gutter system.  This product is specially made for us and it works like no other product on the market.   Being that this product is a degreaser it is very important to wear heavy duty vinyl gloves/chemical gloves and you must wear eye protection while working with this product.  This product can be used to get food oils off of surfaces such as BBQ's or in restaurants.  This product will help with cleaning up oils from vehichles.  Keep in mind that getting oil out of concrete is very tough.  We are in the midst of getting a product that the airlines use for this problem.   Keep an eye on this page as there will be more products to be announced soon.

Plan-It  Roof Zinc Spray:
This is a product that is designed to keep the moss from regrowing back on your rooftop.  It is imperative that you clean your roof surface prior to applying Zinc Spray to the rooftop.  We sell the Zinc product in a powder form.  So you mix the product at your home with warm water.  You mix the product to the reccommended dilution and then you proceed to spray the rooftop.  Its important to keep this product away from any painted surfaces as it will discolor.  For this reason we always only spray this product up to a foot from the end of the roof tops end.  This eliminates any possibility of causing any staining.  This product should be sprayed every year.   On the BC coast here we really do live in a rain forest.  To  get maximum protection apply this product yearly to protect your investment.

To order any of these products:  Call Tom Fedichin at 604-240-4443

Be aware we are in the midst of producing these products for consumer sale.  We hope to have pricing up soon as well as the product sizes available. 
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