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Gutter Cleaning

At Plan-It Artistix we have been cleaning gutters for the last 15 years very succesfully.  We have a large client base of real estate clients, property managers and residential clients.  The reason why we have such a large client base is because we offer the best service on the market today and we are around to give follow up services years after.  The challenge in this business is many guys are here today and gone tommorow.  We have been around for 15 years now.   We take pride in gutter cleaning and we take it seriously as its a dangerous proffession.  I will detail our procedures below.

Procedures: When we clean out gutters we always use a peanut sponge.  This allows us to collect all the debris in the gutter.  What happens is most gutter guys will just use their hand to clean the gutters out.  What ends up happening is much of the debris ends up going between fingers and basically ends up staying in your gutter system.  At Plan-It Artistix we use the sponge to collect all the debris in piles and then we remove the gutter muck into a bucket.  After all the debris is removed we then will flush the gutters out with a garden hose.  This is a vital step as we need to determine if all the downspouts are working properly.  Many times we find downspout elbows plugged.  By flushing the gutter system we find any problem areas such as blockages or leaky gutters.  By not flushing out the gutter system you would never know these problems.  This is the reason why it is vital to flush out your gutter system when cleaning out your gutters.  

Gutter Add Ons:       We offer a wide array of products that will prevent your gutter system from plugging up so easily.  We have a gutter trap system that will catch all the gutter debris coming down your downspout so that you dont plug your drainage system below your house.  We offer gutter baskets to prevent blockages in your gutter system.    We also offer a K Funnel system that widens out your gutter holes so that you have more flow in your gutter system.    We will have pictures set up soon of the above mentioned devices.

Service Maintenance Plans:       We know how difficult gutter cleaning is for people.  Not everyone enjoys heights and many people just want the gutters done so that they do not have to worry about them.  We offer yearly maintenance plans where we will just call you and set up a time to get your gutters done.  This gives you peace of mind as you know we will be calling you to book rather than you trying to find a new guy each and every year.

Safety Measures:       We take all the safety measures possible.  Many times we will have to delay our work due to the weather.   A wet surface can be a slippery surface.  For this reason we ideally want to do our work during nice sunny or overcast days.  Wood shingles, cement tiles and metal are the worst types of rooftops to work on.  When these surfaces are wet they are walking nightmares.   Wood shingles and metal should not be walked on when wet period.  If we book your house we will have to work on your house when its under the safest possible condition.  With that being said I have described the dangers of having to walk on a rooftop.  Many houses we can simply just use a ladder and clean the entire gutter system without ever going on your rooftop.

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