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Pressure washing
Pressure washing General Information
We offer both hot and cold water pressure washing as part of our services.   I will list the various products that are offered below.

Cold water pressure washing:   Cold water pressure washers are the most widely used product today on the market.   They come in various pressures depending upon the service that is being performed.  We use 4000 psi(pounds per square inch) machines for pressure washing of cement walkways or driveways.   This provides the best clean and is more cost effective as the 4000psi machine does save time.

-Vinyl siding washing:  Whenever cleaning vinyl siding you must keep in mind that water pressure is not the most important part of cleaning your house.   The cleaner that is being used is the most important component to cleaning your house.   We use a product called Plan-it wash.  This product is made for us and is the best product on the market today for cleaning.  The best part is Plan-it wash dissolves the grime/algae from the surface that it is being applied on.   This allows you to use a low pressure powerwasher to then clean off the vinyl surface.    It is just that easy!   The best part of this is you do not need to spend all day blasting your house with a ton of water worrying that you will blow water into your house.  This method allows you to use low pressure and to clean your house like the proffesionals.  Of course if you choose not to do this you can surely call Plan-It Artistix and we can do this for you!

Pressure washing wood: It is important to keep the pressure down when pressure washing wood.  If you use too much pressure you will actually start to cut into the wood from the force of your spray.  If you are pressure washing wood with the intent to repaint you should look at adding bleach to the wood surface.  It is important to kill any algae that is alive on your painted surface.  If you do not bleach before painting you have a good chance of having the algae regrow back on the underside of the newly painted surface.  Most pressure washers have a soap injector attached to the machine.    So it is a very easy job to apply the bleach to the surface.  This method is very cost effective and this ensures that you optimal protection from algae regrowth thus giving you a longer lasting paint job.
Pressure washing Rooftops:
   There  are many types of rooftops on the market today.  The most common rooftops are asphault(duroid), cedar(wood) and  tile(concrete).  There are other products that are not so commonly used such as metal and rubber.   

At Plan-It Artistix we are very picky when it comes to pressure washing rooftops.  We do not pressure wash every house that we are asked to price quote on.  Safety is always the most important issue that we need to be
able to address prior to taking on any job.

Cedar Rooftops(wood):   We are not big fans of pressure washing wood rooftops.  It takes a very special wood rooftop to get our OK to pressure wash.  The reason is simple.  Wood rooftops have a natural wood oil finish on the wood once installed.  By pressure washing you remove any oil that may be left on your wood surface.  Once gone this will allow for water to fully absorb into the wood thus expediting the decay process of your rooftop.  In addition to this whenever pressure washing wood shingles you litterally are taking a layer of the wood surface off of the wood shingle.  There are guys that will tell you that they will reseal your rooftop and put a new colorant on the surface.  I personally have been on many of these rooftops after this process has been done a year or so later.  What I have found is the rooftop is tinder dry.  You hear cracking under your feet as all the natural oils have been blasted away and the so called sealant that was supposedly applied is no more than a slap of paint which gets worn off a couple of years later.  My advice is to not pressure wash and to save the thousands of dollars that these rooftop sealing companies charge.  Put this money aside for when you do need to replace your rooftop. 
Keep in mind:  Wood rooftops are very dangerous when wet.  Proper footwear is a must if this surface is wet or you WILL fall off of the rooftop.  Take all safety precautions necessary.

Tile Rooftops(concrete):   Most of the rooftop pressure washing that we do is of the concrete tile variety.  Moss and algae unfortunately love to grow onto the surface of concrete tile rooftops.  There are two methods that are effective at cleaning your rooftop.  

Pressure washing method.  If you have a lot of moss on your rooftop it may make more sense to have the rooftop pressure washed.   Keep in mind that whenever you pressure wash a rooftop you really end up having more than just the rooftop to clean.  The debris that is on your rooftop will fly off of your house.  It will fill your gutters, dirty your windows, dirty your building walls and walkways etc.  So basically whenever you pressure wash a rooftop you end up cleaning everything else in the process.  For this reason it will take 2 days to properly clean the average houses rooftop.  My advice is after you clean to apply
 Plan-it Zinc Spray
after the pressure washing is complete.  By applying this product onto your rooftop you will get more life out of your clean.  Moss and Algae do not like zinc.  We spray Plan-It Zinc Spray to your rooftop and this will prevent the moss from growing back as fast.  It is reccomended that you spray this product onto your rooftop every second year for optimum protection.

Keep in mind that we will not pressure wash every cement rooftop due to safety reasons.  If your rooftop is too steep we will turn you away.  Keep in mind that cement tiles are slippery when wet. 
If you adventure out onto a cement rooftop make sure the rooftop is not wet.

Asphault rooftops:    The worst enemy of an asphault rooftop is moss/algae.  Moss will embed itself onto the rooftop by growing roots into your rooftop.  The best method for this is to use a product called Plan-It EcoWash.   This product is an oxygenated product that is environmentally friendly.  We will apply the product with a brush and we will proceed to work the product into the rooftop.  Once applied this product releases oxygen at a rapid pace into the root structures of the moss/algae thus lifting out the roots.  We then will take a very low pressure washer and we will proceed to clean your rooftop clean of any moss/algae that you once had.  You do not want to use any large amount of pressure as you do not want to disrupt the asphault granules that make up your rooftop.  The target is to clean the rooftop free and clear of moss and algae thus providing a longer lasting life to your rooftop.

Keep in mind that not all rooftops will qualify for this product.  If your rooftop is way too old or is so full of moss/algae it maybe too late to clean your house rooftop.  If you notice that your shingles have lost most of their granules then its too late.  If your shingles are cracking or buckling then its also too late. 

Hotwater pressure washing:    Hotwater pressure washers are used for a variety of purposes.  At Plan-It Artistix our main use for our hotwater pressure washers is for cleaning gum off of sidewalks.  Cold water machines are not able to fully clean the sidewalk completely clear of gum.   If you use a hotwater pressure washer for gum removal you end up melting off all the gum from the surface.  If you try to clean gum off of a concrete surface with a high pressure cold water machine you will end up scuffing up the concrete surface before getting off all the gum.  The hotwater machine is the way to go.    Keep in mind that hotwater machine is a higher cost machine as it burns two fuels when operating.  Gas to keep the engine going and diesel to fire the burner which thus heats the water that is being used.  With that being said the cleaning power is multiplied substantially.  Hotwater machines will help cut thru grease and other contaminants where as cold water will not touch it.

We have 3 hotwater units available upon request.

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