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Rubbish Removal

At Plan-It Artistix we offer rubbish removal services to many of our clients such as 7-Eleven who use us exclusively for all their maintenance needs.   We offer the same services to all our residential/commercial clients.  We have trucks and trailers available for removal.  We do not remove all items.  See the list below of what is not allowed.

Unknown liquids or contaminated fluids
Radioactive materials
Cement or heavy building waiste
Cars or car parts

All household waiste we will remove.  When removing waiste we will sweep up and ensure that the site is left clean.

Costs are based on how much product needs to be removed.  There will be a dump fee attached to the removal fee as we pay this fee to the landfill site where the cargo ends up being dumped.

Our prices are very affordable and you will find our fees are more cost effective than some of the bigger guys on the market.

For more information feel free to call Tom Fedichin from Plan-It Artistix 604-240-4443  Cellular

We are a fully insured company with:     -$5 Million dollars of liability insurance 
                                                                                               - Full WCB Coverage

 If you have any questions feel fee to contact Tom Fedichin at:

604-937-1110 Home/Office


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