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Snow Removal and Salting
At Plan-It Artistix we offer a full service Snow and Salting program.  

We currently have a truck with a plow as well as a snow blower for sidewalks and walkways where a plough truck cannot get access.   We currently take care of all the 7-Eleven stores in the lower mainland for their snow clearing program.   Some of this work is subbed out to other vendors.

If you would like a free estimate feel free to call Tom Fedichin at 604-240-4443 Cellular

We do offer salting programs whenever the temperatures get below zero degrees.  Ask about this service.

Keep in mind that by salting you reduce the risk of a fall thus this provides you with more insurance that you are covered from someone suing you for negligence.

By salting you also reduce the chance of ice forming thus making your walking surface a  much safer area.  Salting program pricing available upon request.  Feel free to ask.

Tom Fedichin 604-240-4443
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