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Window Cleaning
There are two options when deciding on cleaning windows.   You can squeegee clean your windows or you can tucker pole clean your windows.  I will describe below the differences.

Squeegee Cleaning Windows:   90% of our customers choose to have their house done by hand and squeegee.  This involves having the window cleaner up and close to each individual window.  Most window cleaning involves working safely off of a ladder.  The process involves scrubbing each window with a window scrubber applicator using a soap/water mix.  After soaping up the intended window the window cleaner would then proceed to squeegee clean the window by hand using a squeegee.  This would also include wiping the window frame and channel to give a nice clean appearance.  This is the best method for window cleaning.  It gives the customer the best possible clean that he will get on the market today.  This method takes longer than tucker poling however you can guarantee that each and every window will be nice and clean.

Tucker Poling Window Cleaning:   This method for window cleaning is the fastest and most cost effective method.  This method is typically used mostly by commercial complex's or community townhouse complex's.   So how does tucker poling work?  First you must understand what a tuckerpole is and then we will get into how it works.
A tucker pole is a large pole with a brush on the end.  This long pole has a soap holder on it with a water hose connection attached to it. 
To use a tuckerpole you must attach the pole to a garden hose(with the water turned on).  You then will proceed to adjust the window pole to the desired height (2 or 3 stories generally) at which you will be cleaning the windows at.  You will then proceed to scrub each window with water running while turning the soaper switch on.  So each window has soap applied to it.  After scrubbing and soaping each window you then will turn off the soaper and then proceed to just rinse the window off with water.  The window will dry on its own naturally and the windows come out reaonably well.  This method works great if you have really tough to get at windows.  It reduces time in cleaning thus saving you money.

We offer both methods of cleaning to our clients.  Ask us today and we would love to give you a free estimate!    Tom Fedichin from Plan-It Artistix   604-240-4443
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